Nicholaus Lawson

Computer Engineer
Software Architect
Tech Consultant
Adjunct Professor


Masters of Engineering (UofL)
Graduate Certificate: Network Security
Bachelors of Science (UofL)

Driven engineer, passionate about building new things, eager learner, dedicated mentor.


Cloud/Software Architecture

Leverages industry standards and best practices to design and implement solutions in both the cloud and on premise.

Computer Engineer

Focused on backend and architecture. Proficient in .Net, Java, Python, NodeJS, SQL, and NoSQL.

Education and Mentoring

Dedicated to continued education and mentoring/teaching.

Experience at Scale

Specializing in highly performant, at scale solutions for any size project.

Work Experience

March 2019 - Present

Solution Architect (Enterprise Architecture group)

PapaJohns International

Louisville, Ky

Feb 2018 - March 2019

Lead Engineer/DevOps Engineer/Team Architect

SandData Technologies

Louisville, Ky branch (NY headquarters)

Aug 2014 - Feb 2018

Lead Engineer


Louisville, Ky

June 2016 - Dec 2017

Adjunct Professor

Sullivan University

Louisville, Ky

Oct 2012 - Aug 2014

Senior Engineer

PNC Bank

Dayton, OH

May 2007 - Oct 2012

Software Engineer

ControlTouch Systems

Louisville, KY

Augh 2011 - Aug 2012

Research Assistant (PhD program)

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY



I am a computer engineer, I spend a great deal of time coding and on computers. I am constantly looking for a new project to try out and a reason to use the hotest new dev stack/tool/fancy button. I currently work for a national company, focusing on cloud architecture. I have spent a considerable amount of time working on highly performant, highly parallelized systems, and love the challange that comes with it.

I am also very passionate about system design/achitecture and best practices and standards. Books like Pragmatic Programmer, Software Craftsman, etc resonate with me very deeply. I want to ensure that I produce quality code, for a system that is as good as I can make it at the time, and I want to continually grow so that the next design I make or contribute on will be better than the last./p>


I enjoy writing and detailing my efforts and research around the work that I do, I have a blog (that I do not frequent as often as I should). In my current role, I spend a large amount of my time creating documentation for colleagues and conferences. Hopefully some of that work will bleed over and will eventually be found on my blog as well. I also spend some time working on whitepapers and my attempt at a book on developing apps on Ethereum.

Teaching and Mentoring

I am currently teaching as an adjunct professor at a local technical college. I have also particpated in a local code bootcamp that offers free training to qualified applicants to expose them to entire tech stacks to prepare them for junior level work in the develoment field. I have also presented multiple times at the local developer conference, Code PaLousa, and have more proposals to submit for future talks as well. There is a good chance that you could see me make a return there this year.


Louisville, KY 40272
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